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DT Institute 2020 Annual Report

[TE&Co. co-managed the design, copywriting, editing, printing, web management, and promotion of DT Institute's 2020 Annual Report]

DT Institute is proud to share with you our first Annual Report. This document details DT Institute’s foundational values and highlights some of our successes as both a funder and an implementer of peace and development projects in 2020.

Click here to read DT Institute's 2020 Annual Report

As a non-profit 501(c)(3), we are committed to “doing development differently.” We implement complex global development programs in conflict, fragile, and closed environments. We also fund thought leadership initiatives that drive innovation and improve lives through evidence-based programming in the areas of stabilization, peacebuilding, transition, technology, independent media, human rights, economic growth, and environment.

In our 2020 annual report, we highlight how the hard work of our committed staff, partners, and grantees, coupled with a clear strategy for the organization drove our team’s rapid growth from an idea to a substantial mission-driven global organization in just 12 short months.

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