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📄 Five Best Practices for Executives on LinkedIn

Updated: May 23, 2021

channel that allows individuals to connect, inspire, and grow their careers.

We've noticed a trend happening among executives who use LinkedIn: Their profiles are bleak. Perhaps this is because executives have found that they’ve been successful in developing their careers, perhaps they simply don’t have time?

No matter the reason, it has become evident that executives on LinkedIn can excel an organization, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a profile.

Here are five ways executives can maximize their presence on LinkedIn:

  1. Publish your own articles. As an executive, LinkedIn provides an excellent platform to demonstrate and share your knowledge. Executives are experts in leadership, try creating articles regarding industry trends, best practices, events, news, or insights.

  2. Utilize your bio to reflect your mentality. Often LinkedIn users, let alone executives, fail to take the opportunity to capitalize on creating a “hook” on their profiles. Executives have the ability to inspire, humor, and educate individuals. No matter the approach, it is essential for executives, much like job seekers, to create an appealing aesthetic.

  3. Put your best foot forward. It’s undeniable that executives have achieved great success, leading them to their current positions. Unfortunately, many executives are reluctant to maintain sharp profiles. Faded photos, incomplete sentences, improper grammar reflect a neglected profile. Show your network that you care not only about your appearance as an executive, but your company’s appearance as well.

  4. Remain accessible. Creating some form of accessibility can set you apart from your fellow executives. Showing that you care about feedback and commentary in regards to yourself and your company demonstrates affability and your interest in developing lucrative relationships.

Establish your presence. One of the most important aspects of having a LinkedIn profile is utilizing this channel to contribute to your connections. Liking, commenting, and sharing posts and articles demonstrates your interest in helping others succeed and expanding your knowledge as an executive.

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